What Are LinkedIn Ads?

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Chapter 2: What Are LinkedIn Ads?

Using LinkedIn for advertising can make it easier for you to target the right people simply because you already know what people are looking for on the platform. It might be people looking for a specific organization, it might be people looking for career development info, the fact is that they are all looking after their professional development.

To leverage this client matching power LinkedIn offers you just the right type of advertising solutions and the right tools that will help you to easily reach those most likely to respond to your business-related promotions in the form of LinkedIn Ads.

LinkedIn Ads will allow you to build your brand, to raise awareness about it and to generate leads the right way by letting you target a unique audience of over 500 million active professionals on the platform by way of job titles, functions, industries, and more.

LinkedIn Ads are effective and easy to set up no matter whether your goal is to generate leads, to drive awareness or to maximize event registration, and they also allow you to control your budget and advertising costs with flexible pricing options.

And the cool thing is that there are LinkedIn Ad formats for every advertising need.

Sponsored content Ads, for example, can help you to boost your content and to promote company updates  that will allow you to generate leads and to drive awareness on the world’s most viewed professional newsfeed audience, on any device.

“InMail” advertising, or direct inbox advertising, will allow you to reach your potential targets right on their LinkedIn email inboxes. Using InMail advertising will help you to easily send personalized messages to your prospects. This LinkedIn Ad format leverages the power of the oldest and most cost-effective form of marketing: email!

Dynamic social ads on the other hand will allow you to drive relevant responses with adverts that are designed and served on the basis of activity and the profiles of people in your target audience, allowing you to show highly personalized copy and dynamically generated marketing images to LinkedIn members right where they are most likely to hang out.

Advertising units offered by the LinkedIn advertising platform also include “programmatic display ads” that will help you to reach your target audience in a premium context through accurate, professional targeting technology.

Display advertising units are highly visible and are specifically placed in high-traffic areas across LinkedIn pages, and they operate on a fraud-monitored environment that ensures maximum brand safety.

Classic “Text Ads” are also supported by the LinkedIn advertising platform to give advertisers, marketers and common users a way to advertise on a budget that works for them. They are an easy, cost effective way to drive traffic and generate quality leads on a pay-per-click or per impression basis.

As you can see, LinkedIn’s own advertising platform is as diverse, as feature rich and as cost effective as any of the big players, with the added benefit of serving a highly targeted, unique audience. We will be talking about the benefits of using LinkedIn Ads for your business in our following chapter, so make sure to tune in!